Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Food Price Hike

Reading the news 'Hawkers raise prices' on The Star Online, I am not sure what is your reaction. If me, definitely I will reduce my visits to these hawkers or eateries who had overcharged their food.

Locally in Kuching, I noticed some famous eateries had increased their food price by RM0.50 to RM1.00. The beef noodle which was previously sold at RM6.50 is now RM7.50 per bowl. And I noticed the portion is also reduced. Some of the 'kolo mee' stall had also increase their price by RM0.30 to RM0.50 per bowl. In one of the hawkers center, the 'tea-c' drink is sold at RM2.20, and there's only one size. These are just a few of the examples I myself encounter.

I am not sure how these hawkers and food operators can simply increase the price of their food. They can just put the blame on the increase price of fresh ingredients. If situation continues, I strongly believe, there will be less customers going to these hawkers centre and coffeeshops. I also think that, nowadays, consumers starting to be more concern on the price they are paying for their food. Consumer are getting smarter now. They are smart enough to choose where and which eateries to go.

photo credit: YeeJen via photopin cc

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