Friday, November 17, 2017

PTPTN Repayment: How To Check PTPTN Pin Number or 'Nombor Pinjaman'? - Part 2

Based on my post earlier on how to check PTPTN Pin Number or 'Nombor Pinjaman', there were quite a number of response and inquiries. Since the post was published more than 2 year ago, today I decided I should update a new post on how to check for PTPTN pin number.
So, I called up the PTPTN Careline @ 'Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan' today. The step-by-step on how to retrieve my PTPTN pin number as below:

1) Call PTPTN Careline @ 'Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan' at 03-2193 3000 (You will be greeted by auto attendant system);
2) Within a short while, I was connected to a PTPTN Careline officer;
3) I told her I would like retrieve my  PTPTN pin number or 'Nombor Pinjaman';
4) She asked for my NRIC;
5) She asked for my full name for verification;
6) Then, she gave me my 5 digits PTPTN pin number.

The whole process only took about 1 minute! Also, if you browse PTPTN Careline website,  you can also see a list of name and details (designation, mobile phone number and email address) of the PTPTN officers for PTPTN Careline section. Most importantly, the PTPTN careline is available daily (monday-sunday), 8am-10pm.  I am truly impressed! Great job to PTPTN team!

Photo credit: PTPTN

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Malaysia IRB @ LHDN: Income Tax Relief for Assessment Year 2017@ 2018 Tax Filling

It is now towards the last quarter of 2017. In less than 2 months time, we will be leaving 2017 and welcoming 2018. Time flies. It is also time for us to have a look at our financial plan including to have a picture of our yearly income tax assessment. It is better for us to do earlier so that we have sufficient time to plan and act on what to spend and what not to spend.

For income tax assessment year 2017, there are some changes and additional items on tax relief compare to assessment year before. The changes and additional tax relief for assessment year 2017 as below:

1) Tax Relief for 'Lifestyle' Limited to RM2500 for:
  (i) Purchase of books journals, magazines, printed newspaper and other similar publications (except banned reading materials) for self, spouse or child;
 (ii) Purchase of a personal computer, smartphone or tablet for self, spouse or child;
(iii) Purchase of sports equipment for any sports activity as defined under the Sports Development Act 1997 (excluding motorized two-wheel bicycles) and gym memberships for self, spouse or child; and
(iv) Payment of monthly bill for internet subscription

2) Tax Relief for 'Purchase of breastfeeding equipment' Limited to RM1000

3) Tax Relief for 'Child care fees to a Child Care Centre or a Kindergarten' Limited to RM1000

For assessment year 2017, item (1)(iv) is a 'come back' from year 2010-2015. Item (2) and (3) are something new compare to assessment year before. For purchase of personal computer, previously was RM3000 and only once in every 3 years. 

The full list of Tax Relief for Resident Individual is available at IRB@LHDN website. For additional details, you might be interested to check out Malaysian Tax Booklet here.

Hope the above will guide you in your 2017 tax planning, especially on tax relief.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Technology Killing Work Opportunities

In recent years, more and more transaction goes online - ebanking, online shopping, online renewal of services, travelling arrangement and many more. 20 years ago, we would need to queue and get a number before we can deposit our cash or before we can get our air ticket.  Nowadays, we can deposit our cash either through the machine or with just a few clicks. No more queue. And much less human touch.

Also noticed that, more and more local financial institutions are merging up. After merging up, relocation of outlets will happen. Some less important outlets will be closed down and staff relocated. Headcount freeze. Existing employee will need to take up multiple roles and encouraged to multitask.

The technology that we have today are making our life much more convenient and simpler. But, at the same time, it is also killing work opportunities. In the near future, companies will only need to employ a few employees for monitoring all the technology automation.

I start to wonder. What will happen when my baby is ready to join the workforce?

Can we stop all these? No. There's no way we can stop all these from happening. Instead, things will move faster and faster everyday.

It is time for us to find a balance between all these. And I better start telling my baby not to join the workforce but instead, create a workforce...

photo credit: wuestenigel Girl using smartphone in cafe, laptop in the background via photopin (license)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cost of A Nanny @ Baby Sitter In Kuching

Having a baby is a big decision for many of us. With a baby, come many responsibilities and many changes as well as adjustment in our life. Well, there will be  many sacrifices as well. Nevertheless, the happiness and joy that a baby will bring to a couple's life, is unexplainable and immeasurable.

A baby also come with high financial commitment. For me, the biggest part of the financial commitment goes to child care. I pay my baby sitter RM650 per month for taking care of my baby while hubby and me at work. Some of my local friends in Kuching are paying RM600 to RM700 per month. There are also co-workers who shared that their relatives take care of their babies with monthly fee of RM250-RM350. My colleagues in KL are paying between RM800 to RM1200 per month for child care. But, most important is we trust the baby sitter will take good care of our baby.

Feel free to share in the comment how much you are paying for your childcare services.

photo credit: Scottish Government images Baby Box Bairns via photopin (license)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cost of A Confinement Lady In Kuching

I must apologise for being inactive for the past 2 years. The reason behind is I am now a mum of a sweet 1 year old. I must also say that I missed blogging terribly. But, somehow, my mind become blank even though I have a lot to share. 

So, let me start with sharing a simple post of cost of confinement lady in Kuching. I've started to ask around for confinement lady during my first trimester. Heard about some scary sharing from friends and internet on poor attitude of confinement lady which caused new-mum more headache. I was lucky because my bro-in-law's relative is a confinement lady. We arranged for a short meeting with the confinement lady and placed my booking fee. The charges was RM3800 + an angpao for the confinement lady. She turned out to be a helpful and kind confinement lady who took good care of me, my baby and  my hubby for one whole month. From sharing with friend, relatives and other confinement lady, the charges for one whole month service by a confinement lady range from RM3800 to RM5000 + an angpao. For my confinement lady, the angpao is up to me, there's no specific amount. For some other confinement lady, they might put a specific request, for example RM200. I met other new mums who shared that they pay half of what I paid for a day-time confinement lady, meaning the confinement lady only take care of mummy and baby during day time.

Anyone who's interested to contact my confinement lady, feel free to send me an email.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Food Price Hike Part 2

In 2015, I posted about food price hike in Kuching. Recently, I noticed 2 of my favorite bun (also know as pao locally) stalls also increase their price. The first one is my favourite steamed white bun stall, in which last year I paid RM1.70 for my favorite meat bun. Few months later, the price increased to RM2.00, then recently it is RM2.40. The second one is my favorite baked meat bun, which was RM1.80 per piece. Then, the price increased to RM2.00, followed by Rm2.20 and now is RM2.40 per piece. Within 1 year, the price increase by about 30%.

For the baked meat bun, the owner had earlier shared with me she is having a hard time due to price hike in all her ingredients such as cooking oil, butter and meat filling. She has no choice but to gradually increase her price to maintain the operation. One good point is that her baked meat bun still has the same quality and quantity.  I noticed there are other stalls which increase the price and reduce the size of their buns.

It is a bit scary because within 1 year, the price increase by 30%. Wondering what will happen if the cost of raw ingredients keep increasing like now.

photo credit: Đam Mê Ẩm Thực CÁCH LÀM BÁNH NGÀN LỚP VỚI PHÔ MAI VÀ MỨT MƠ NƯỚNG – BAKED BRIE IN PUFF PASTRY via photopin (license)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

EPF@KWSP - EPF Declares 5.7 Percent Dividend Rate For 2015

On Sunday, EPF@KWSP declared a 5.7% dividend for the year of 2016. Compared with last year, in which the 2015 dividend was 6.4%, 2016 dividend percentage has dropped about 0.7%. 

Of course I am hoping for higher dividend, but I am happy with EPF@KWSP 2016 dividend rate. Last year has been a challenging year globally and locally. So, I am grateful for 5.7% dividend rate.

I logged-in to my EPF@KWSP i-Akaun on the same day and my 2016 dividend has been updated in my statement. 

You may read the new here on The Star Online or on EPF@KWSP website